“I have transported many mares and foals to Dr. Amanda Ragon and have always been impressed with the care and handling of all her patients. For those customers interested in a hands on operation and personal attention I would only recommend Dr. Ragon’s clinic.”
Fred Friedman, Dragonfly Farm, Northville, MI

“We have exclusively used Dr. Amanda Ragon’s services for approximately ten years and for very good reasons. Dr. Ragon is a highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated veterinarian in her specialty of providing equine reproductive services. Her track record speaks for itself. We requested Dr. Amanda Ragon’s services with our mares on 12 separate occasions, as a result of her professionalism, a pregnancy resulted on each occasion. I unqualifiedly and enthusiastically recommend Dr. manda Ragon to anyone seeking equine reproductive services.”
Denise Higgins, Bluemoon Farms, Dryden, MI

“Dr. Amanda is a wonderful equine repro. vet. I have worked with many repro. vets and she stands out for several reasons: She has done a fabulous job of getting myriad mares pregnant on first try with frozen semen. She is easy to reach and is open to communicating in depth about any salient issue. She really cares about the horses & they in turn respond to her favorably. The horses always come home with a blooming coat (& pregnant;)… Additionally, she has collected and frozen semen from my stallion. The semen she froze for me has had good conception rates. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. A. I feel lucky to have her as my repro. vet.”
Anne Schmidt, Tam Farm Dressage, Manchester, MI

“I had worked with 4 other veterinarians before finding Dr. Ragon. Our conception rates improved dramatically which is important to a serious breeder like ourselves. In addition to that, we had never taken our mares to any veterinarian clinic where they ran off the trailer wanting to be there. Our “ladies” love staying at Dr. Ragon’s. She gives them the best care as well as getting the job done!. We are proud to say Amanda is now breeding our second generation!”
Cheryl Johnson, Hidden Acres Farm, MI